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Broadcast Camera Hire in Johannesburg

Our camera hire shop in Johannesburg allows customers to make use of fully functioning camera equipment. All our camera equipment is maintained and serviced on an ongoing basis. Engineering work that needs to be done on the camera equipment is outsourced which means that clients who make use of our camera hire in Johannesburg, enjoy camera equipment that is in a perfect working condition. 

Our Camera Equipment Engineers are all registered agents, whose camera products are on our shelves available for camera hire.
Should you need to make use of our camera hire service in Johannesburg, we will ensure that you receive all the equipment you require. If we do not stock a particular camera item, we will find it for you as part of the camera hire service. 

This not only means that we will get you exactly what you need, it also takes the hassle out of the Production Managerís day.

Camera Hire Services in Johannesburg

Our Johannesburg camera hire business offer a wide range of equipment and services:
  • Camera Equipment rental
  • Crew Hire
  • Vehicle rental
  • Hotel enquiries
  • Airport pickups
Purchasing of used camera equipment & consumables in Johannesburg
We sell consumables such as tapestock, gaffer tape, bubbles, batteries, selvyt cloths, lens fluid and tissue, dust off, etc.
We also have HD-SDi BNC Video & XLR Audio cables of various lengths for sale

We also need to upgrade equipment regularly and from time to time, so please check our for sale link below for 2nd hand items up for sale.
For Sale
Click here to download New Client Form

Extra Services
We also offer assistance with crewing in the form of our "Freelancer's Friend" or have a range of technicians contact details too. We offer this service as a goodwill service and do not charge an extra commission for it.
Visit our contact page to request the list of Freelancer's.
Terms and Conditions
All documentation needs to be completed and sent to us, via fax or e-mail at least two full working days (48hrs) before the collection date. NOTE! We may request to see originals if copied or certified documents are given. NO equipment bookings, under any circumstance, will be confirmed for any client who does not comply with this.

New clients will also need to pay a security deposit (minimum R2,500-00 depending on camera equipment booked) for at least the first 3 rentals. 

Payment for the camera equipment rental will also be COD for a minimum of the first 3 rentals. Other account references will be needed to open an account.

Existing clients: If you have not made use of our services in at least the past twelve months, you will have to complete the same documents (terms and conditions, new client form) again. We will insist on these forms being completed and sent to us, via fax or e-mail and sent at least one full working day before the collection date. NO equipment bookings will be confirmed for any client who does not comply with this.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

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