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                                Video and Camera Equipment for Hire

Our world-class camera equipment and video equipment is of the highest standard and quality. We pride ourselves in the latest camera equipment technology. This includes both high-end, professional camera equipment, as well as the lower-end Broadcast and Domestic camera equipment.

The camera equipment for hire in our shops varies over different brands and functionalities:

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  • Sony FS7 MrkII (E-mount, EF or PL Mount options)
  • Sony 28-135mm Lens (E-Mount for FS7 or A7s camera)
  • Atomos 4K / HD Recorder & Monitor 
  • Sony PMW300 442 HD XDCAM
  • Sony PXW160 442 HD XDCAM
  • Sony EX1 HD Camera
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver HD Mini Camera & all mounts
  • Sony Z7 HDV Camera
  • Sony Z5 HDV Camera
  • Panasonic HVX200 P2 HD Camera


                                                      Sound Equipment

Our sound gear ranges from Sound Device 442 mixers to Lectrosonic multi diversity UHF radio microphones and Sennheiser EW100 G3 Radio mics. We also stock DSLR audio boxes, Zoom H4N audio recorders as well as rifle mics and handheld mics

                                                           Camera Kits

When looking at video equipment or camera equipment for hire, it is good to know that we provide you with everything that you need to receive the very best outcome. Our camera kits are available to you, to achieve this. Included in our camera kits are:

  • Tripods
  • Monitors
  • Set of Lights
  • Basic Sound (Rifle and Lapel)
  • Various other optional extras

Other equipment we stock:

  • Lightweight Dolly and Tracks
  • Mini Jib and Weights
  • Aviator Travel Jib for DSLR's
  • DSLR Sliders
  • ATEM Television Studio Vision Mixer Kit
  • Diva 400 and 200 lights
  • LED 500AV lights
  • Dedo kit

All our camera equipment for hire, is maintained and serviced regularly to ensure that it performs perfectly for each client. All maintenance work done on our camera equipment is performed by highly qualified and registered engineers.

Our Camera Specs

To hire the right camera and equipment for your application, it is important to understand the specs that are used. Camera specifications include: resolution, light sensitivity, frame rate, colour or black/white, lenses, interface – network attached or analog video, etc. 

The specifications will help you to hire the right camera for your application. For example should you hire one of cameras, the resolution of the camera will determine if you can recognize a person’s face, or if you just can tell if there is someone there. The light sensitivity of the camera determines if the camera can be used at night or even in bright sunlight.

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Sony PMW300 442 HD Camera
UDF / FAT Files, HD442, IMX, DVCAM, 50Mbps


AG-HVX200Mainbsite_websitePanasonic HVX200 P2 Camera

DVCPro HD, DVCPro 50, DVCPro 25, DV, 3CCD, 1080i, 720p, 100Mbps, Shoots to P2 Card


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Canon 5D MrkIII DSLR Camera

1920x1080 HD, 35mm Frame. Can attach various Prime & Zoom Lenses. Shoots to CF/SD Card


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Sony Z7 & Z5 HDV Camera

HDV 1440x 1080, 25p, 1/3 3 CMOS, DVCAM & DV. Shoots to CF Card and/or Tape.


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Sony PXW160 HD442 XDCAM

XAVC 1, XAVC L, 442 50, 420



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GoPro HD Hero4 Mini Action Camera

Includes all clamps to fit helmets, bikes, wrists, body, etc etc. Shoots 1080p 1920x1080 Full HD or 960p, 720p, 480p (SD) and 25/30 fps or 50/60fps. Shoots to SDHC cards.

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